Patch for KOnCD 0.9.8

I just posted the article Patch for KOnCD 0.9.8.

Thanks for NB for pointing me to it.

On some RedHat systems, the version 0.9.8 of KOnCD cannot compile. The ‘KListView’ Class of KDE 2.2 isn’t found ! This patch adds ‘#include “audiocd.h”’ to…

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The newest RedHat (7.1) uses the gcc 3.0 compiler, which is screwed up all by itself so that might even be a problem - has for me and it is a known issue:

Please note that gcc 3.0 is not recommended for compilation of KDE 2.2.1 (including pre-releases), as several known miscompilations of production C++ code (such as virtual inheritance, which is used in aRts) occur with this compiler.
Thats what KDE says and various other sources say the same thing basically. Even with this small bug, Linux still kicks ass :8