Patch a Patched image file?

suppose i had a patched image but i felt that it was a bad bwa file, so i download a new bwa file. should i still be able to patch the patched image with the new bwa file, will this make it a better image?

of course if i still had the original image and i patch it with the new bwa file, that would be fine, but not everyone keeps the original AND the patched image.

thoughts? ideas ? experiences anyone?

Yeah here’s a thought :

Just re-read the original CD with CloneCD and then you will have an original image again!:slight_smile:


Yep, a bwa file is independent of the image file, so a good bwa can be always used on almost every image file u could have.
Try to read such image or CD with Blindwrite 4.5.7, and then apply such good bwa when burning. Done.

Good luck!

TIP: A downloaded image or a cracked one ( with cracked exe inside) will not work (and of, course, it is illegal)