PATA drive versus SATA drive

Can a PATA burner be used with a SATA controller? Is there a conversion cable available?


there are SATA-to-PATA converters available (slightly more than a plain cable), but I don’t know if these are good for DVDRW drives.
Also, your SATA controller must be set to NON-RAID operating mode.


As above but…

Some drives work and some dont. I have a SATA > PATA adaptor on my Liteon 20x and a PX-716A working without problems BUT my BenQ 1655 drive refuses to work with one and locks windows up on boot.

Thanks to you both. Ssince then I have gotten the new computer and it not only has sata connectors but IDE pata as well and the oem DVD writer is connected via ide pata. what’s the matter with slaving off of that?

I am not sure what you are trying to do. There is no benefit whatsoever for SATA over IDE when it comes to optical drives. It sounds like your system is fine as is.

Add more about what you want to accomplish.

Chas, buying a new computer and have other pata ide DVD writer to put in it that is not sata. Wanted to know if I needed a conversion cable for it to work.


if there is a PATA connector, then use this. Normally, you could connect up to two drives there. But check the jumpers of both drives carefully.