Paswoord steeds vergeten



hoe komt dat je zelf geen paswoord kan kiezen als je een reactie geeft op een nieuwsfeit. kan ik dit paswoord niet zelf kiezen net zoals vroeger. Indien dit wel kan wil je het mij even uitleggen



In English please…

If you want to use the nick you have previously registered but forgot the password, you can have it mailed to you.

You can use cookies to store your login and password so you don’t have to enter them all the time, but you can turn this option off as well, so you have to enter your login and password every time you reply.

If this doesn’t answer yoru question, I don’t understand your question.


I think taxie doesn’t understand your question…

you CAN choose your password! Go to the cdfreaks page --> menu: Log In -> then login with your username & password.
The menu changes to Log Out -> go to Log out --> Preferences -> you can now change your password to whatever you want!


Thanx, sorry for writting in dutch