Pasting bits of dvds together

Hi, I want to create a compilation dvd from some other dvds where each bit will be its own chapter.

I ripped a number of different music dvds to a hard drive and then used dvdshrink (in reauthor mode) to cut specific bits creating the compilation disk.

The disk plays okay but each “cut bit” is in its own volume(perhaps not the right word). What I wanted was each bit in its own chapter so I could use the random function that the dvd player has.

Is there a free product that can do this, that any fool can use?


You need to use a DVD authoring software like TMPGEnc DVD Author (not free too bad :() to join all segments into a single video and then to add chapters.

That software can also create some custom menus if you want them :slight_smile:

GuiforDVDAuthor is a free authoring program that should be able to do this, though I’m not certain it can import vob files directly. You might have to run it through Vob2Mpg first, to get a single mpeg2 file from the dvd.

And there is always the free trial of DVDLab Pro. I know it can do this job, and the help file included with the program is excellent.

I also found a guide by blutach, showing how to use VobBlanker to add chapters if you want to look at that method: