What annoys me is when your happily surfing the web, and suddenly you have adultcheck, or adultsights boxes pop up. Even on non porn sites now as well!

But I was wondering - why web sites do this? Is it really a way of controlling underage access, or do they make money from it?

I don’t do much surfing - especially with a modem at home, I don’t have the time or money to spend ages surfing porn sites. (so I’m not a perv.) I just think it’s a con - where the web site owner knows that no one would ever pay money to subscribe to their site, and so get’s money out of the surfers another way.



What I like to know is: HOW do they do it?
I mean: What’s the HTML (or Script) Code to let an other page appear in a new window above the main page?


Hey Satch, this maybe usefull to ya.
There’s a program called Adsoff, it’s a little program that runs in your systemtray, and with this program you get no popups and banners, so you wont see any porn-advertisement on a normal site. You can find it on TL35, or just search the web.



thanxs Zero Neg.