Password verification failed

Password verification failed massage comes up when posting in daily news reactions while same password no problems in forums


Forum and mainpage are two separate registrations.
You have to register on the mainpage to be able to post reactions there.

When you register on the mainpage, please use the same login name and change your password to the same password as for the forum (this is because of future plans, but I can’t tell more about this right now)

i am just gonna ask you straight here and suggest something. I have a hard time figuring out what that multi install software does in particuler, i went to the web site listed and still could not understand what it was.

Then I suggest starting a thread in the general software forum where you specify your question, since this is not the forum for these kind of questions (not to mention the fact that more people visit that part of the forum compared to this)

Be sure to specify your question as clear as possible, so people can help you best and quickest.