Password recovery?



The main problem I have is very stupid.
I’ve got a Plextor HDD from 120 gigs. It has a program called plextools with which you can password protect your data on the HDD. I did this a while ago. Unfortunately this program doesn’t run with Vista and after a while I forgot this password. So I can run the program on a windows 98 base but I can’t find the password anymore.
Also the HDD doesn’t show up when I plug him in the USB portal. It is only visible in the plextools program to open it.

If someone can help me, I’ll be delighted.
All solutions are welcome, I’m desperate.



If it is visible to the plextools that program should have a reset the password or remove the password. That should be where you should try using first the program that created the password and check the software site they might have some help to return or remove the password protection. So that you will be able to access the HDD again.


well in the future if you want to use a password program to protect the entire hard drive i highly recommend ‘TrueCrypt’ ( , it’s FREE Open-Source software … much better than commercial stuff )

i mainly use it as a file container myself. (i.e. it can make any file (with any extension) you want and load that file into TrueCrypt and it will work as another drive letter … so basically you could make a 4GB file called ‘MyEncryptedFiles.ISO’ and ‘mount’ it with TrueCrypt and in windows explorer it will show up as another drive letter and then you can copy whatever files into it you dont want people viewing)

p.s. i been using TrueCrypt since 2005 and it’s never failed on me even once (NOTE: i never used it’s ‘whole drive encryption’ feature myself but im sure it’s reliable :wink: )

as for the Plextools stuff… odds are if you forgot the password the data is history cause i doubt they put a backdoor into it… so in other words your probably going to reinstall WinXP , get data off the encrypted drive, format it and load Vista back onto it etc… or maybe install WindowsXP from that one program (i forgot it’s name but it acts like a ‘virtual pc’) and possibly get your data back that way… but like i say if you forgot the password, odds are there aint much anyone can do besides bit the bullet and deal with the data loss.


So you guys think that there is nothing to do with it?
On the net I find all these sites from professional firms who remove passwords and get your data back. But they’re really expensive.
I ask myself then: How do they do it?