Password protection on DATA CD compilation

Is NERO or any burning software capable of integrating password protection on compilation DATA CD?

The purpose is that I wanted to make a data CD but wanted it to be password protected so as that only those person who knows the password can open the content of the CD.

Any input on this? thanks.

The easiest thing to do is record files in your favourite encrypted format. One option is to use password protected Zip files. The encryption on Zip files is historically rather weak (and hence easy to crack), though WinZip 9.0 supports AES encryption which is much stronger.


thanks David

is there no other way of doing this (software base) rather than manually modifying the data files wanted to be burned?

other inputs are most welcome, thanks again.

As there’s no data encryption specified for the CD-ROM format, and most password programs are trivially defeated, if you’re serious about protecting data on a CD, you have to encrypt the data files yourself.

You can’t use the (largely transparent to the user) Encrypting File System in Windows 2000 and XP - that requires the filesystem to be NTFS, which is impossible on a CD.

Another option is to use something like PGPdisk (create a PGPdisk, copy the file to CD-R when you’ve done - I think it’ll mount read-only from the CD-R), but PGP versions that include PGPdisk and work properly on Windows XP are very expensive.