Password protect your CDs: CryptCD2 - Encrypts CD images

I just posted the article Password protect your CDs: CryptCD2 - Encrypts CD images.

adonis98 used our newssubmit to tell us about software that might be intresting to our visitors. CryptCD2 is able to encrypt a CD image and password protect it, so others can not read your CD…

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Pretty cool app imo. Does anyone know any similar apps?

Chronic, there is also a proggie called ENCRYPTCD

HHmmm … Sounds to me like a tool for kiddie-fiddler f**ks. Who, apart from those sickos really have stuff that need to be hidden that well??

Maybe only those types of people would think that that was the only use for it. I do not mean anything by this. I have financial records, old email… lots of other stuff I might want to protect. There are many uses… of course all protections can be broken with time…bruteforce does work sometimes… I have from time to time needed it. What was my point?? Oh well.

What you can also do is use DriveCrypt and create some container files, and then burn those to CD when you are done. You can later open the container from the CD as a virtual drive. :slight_smile: