Password protect CD / DVD?

Hello all,

Iā€™m new to the forums and having some trouble finding information on password protecting CDs or DVDs. I need something that can satisfy these requirements. Any information would greatly be appreciated. :slight_smile:

  • Software should have the ability to encrypt and burn data without the use of another application
  • 128bit industry standard encryption at minimum, 256bit AES is preferred
  • Data discs should be set to encrypt by default and allow the user to disable if necessary
  • Decryption of disk should not require software to be installed
  • Password based access for decryption

Thanks in advance,

SecurDataStor Premium fits to the demands and supports aes 256 too , except for the 3rd one,you really cant expect a cd/dvd encryption software to have the function to burn unencrypted data thats rather ridicules , when youll wanna burn data unencrypted just use any normal burnning software

Thanks for the suggestion. Two separate burning applications would work, one for unencrypted burning and one encrypted. However I was hoping to minimize confusion with my users while making sure that data is secured. Also giving them the option if the data absolutely has to be burned unencrypted.

Thanks again.