Passkey V8.0.2.2 Released Jan 28

January 28, 2011
Passkey Updated!

[li]New: Updated language files.[/li][li]New: Added support to exclude applications, such as DVDFab and Nero, which means the applications will see original encrypted data, and Passkey will not interfere disc burning process of the applications. User can add/remove specific applications.[/li][li]New: Added “Exclusion” in “Settings” window.[/li][li]New: Moved “Drives Selections” to new “Exclusion” setting window. User can exclude specific drives, just like excluding specific applications.[/li][li]Fix: Installation problem on Windows XP 64-bit.[/li][li]Fix: Passkey always hold a handle for the drive.[/li][/ul]

Thanks Alan! :flower:


Thanks Alan:flower::flower:

Thanks Alan :flower: