Passkey On-the-Fly using ImgBurn



For this procedure a double layer disc is required since ImgBurn does not do any compression.

1…With Passkey loaded place the DVD (movie title) jnto the drive and wait for Passkey to show “open succefully” then place the blank D/L media into the other drive/burner…

2…Open ImgBurn and click on “Write File/Folder To Disk”…

3…Under mode on the menu bar make sure “build” is selected…

4…Now click “Browse for folder” - browse to the dvd located in the drive and click on the video ts folder and click “OK” now click on the burn button :wink:


If you only have one dvd reader/burner (like me) you can use Imgburn to “create image from disk” first. Choose the folder where the ISO is to be created and note where the layer break is.

After the ISO has been created, then follow StormJumpers procedure starting in step 2 except browse for the ISO file instead of the DVD Drive video ts folder. Select the correct layer break and make sure that the “seemless” box is checked.