I've got a problem: I want to make partitions on my HD but when I start Partition Magic 4.0 I get an error: "Drive 1 does not end on a cylinder boundery" and when I choose to fix this error I get the message that PM 4.0 couldn't get any info of the partition (infact my HD ofcourse)!
Now don't tell me to use FDisk cause I'm not planning to reinstall Windows!


Dit you defrag your HD first?
Is the HD size right?
Else, detect your HD in the bios again and see if this is the right specification.


Why must I defrag first?
And what do you mean by HD size OK? My HD size is 7,85 Gb.
I hope you can help me!


If faced with this sort of problem one does need to be prepared to scrub the lot.
It is possible that your drive is experiencing media type problems.
These are the steps I would take.

  1. Go to drive manufacturers home page and download any diag utilities they may have.
  2. Leave email with them regarding this problem.
  3. Be prepared to start as far back as a low level format (see manufacturers page for utility).
    You need to understand that this type of problem could go right back to the fact that lowlevel format data does degrade over time.
    Do your partitioning from fdisk and do not always rely on utils like partionmagic ss I have seen catastrophic failures after the use of this type of program.
    (not saying programs fault - just that you should only use this type of utility if no other way. But you must be prepared for failure!
    Good luck.


The only thing I was able to do is to format the harddisks again. Having had the same failure (int. 66)on diffrent pc’s and after having contacted PM they gave me the answer that I just given your. Sorry but it’s the only way as far as I know.