I have a Western Digital 150GB IDE hard drive. I currently have only one partition (It isn’t divided at all), with Windows XP SP2 installed on the NFTS file system.

I’d like to partition around 40 GB to dual boot the new windows 7 beta.

How can I do this WITHOUT loosing any data on my Windows XP partition, or without reformatting/reinstalling Windows XP?

Gparted is a download iso which you burn to CD and then boot from the CD.

EASEUS Partition Manager will run from your hard drive.

You can google for Diskpart, from microsoft (it comes with Vista), it also runs from the hard drive.

All of these are freeware.

You can check out this link if you need some help:

Thank you, I appreciate the help.

I was able to sucsessfully partition my hard drive into two primary partitions, and installed Windows 7 on the new Primary partition while leaving Windows XP on the other.

As an afterthought, however, I decided to resize the partitions, to make space for a 3rd primary partition I will be using as storage.

So, I resized each primary partition, and now I have 2 logical drives aswell as the two primary partitions. These logical partitions are the unallocated space I freed up when I resized the two primary partitions.

How can I combine these two logical partition? I would like to create 1 primary partition out of them, but the only option I see is creating two seperate primary partitions.

P.S. I used EASEUS so far, but I have Gparted ready on a LiveCD if needed.

Edit- To clarify what I’m trying to accomplish, I’ve attached a screenshot.

The easiest way is to reinstall Windows 7 since you probably don’t have a lot installed there yet (programs, files, etc.). Just delete the Windows 7 partition and you should have the XP partition and unallocated space. Recreate the Windows 7 partition to the size you want and reinstall. Then you can use the remaining space for your other partition. You can try “moving” the Windows 7 partiton, but you would need enough space either before or after where it is now and apparently you do not, unless you shrink it some more and then move it. If it were me, I would just delete the Windows 7 partition and start again.