Partitioning a hard drive

I tried to shrink my Hard drive into two sections, partition the drive and format the drive. I used Acronis Partition expert to do this. I thought I completed everything correctly, but I really didn’t. My Hard drive is 75GB. My intention was to dual boot Vista on a system with XP already running. I split the drives up into two sections 45GB for Vista and 30 GB for the original XP on my hard drive. One area I got confused on was selecting Logical or active drive ( I choose active as the description seemed to sound correct). I went to reboot into my Computer and then it wouldn’t boot up saying, corrupt NTLDR file. Tried all the boot fixes, fixboot, fixboot MBR, even tried to do a repair install of XP on the original 30GB that XP was already running. No luck on any of these things. I am at a loss at this stage. It was saying that my Vista partition was there 40GB and my XP partition was there when I went into the recovery console running the XP CD. I am sure I allocated the disk drive to be F when I set up the new Vista partition at 40GB, however it ended up being on the C Drive. The XP 30GB was now on the D drive. I basically want to know what my mistake was in order to learn more about partitioning and dual booting. What I did was installed XP again on the new Vista partition and it worked luckily. Now I am going to install Vista on the 30 GB partition that was originally used for XP, but is now clean and formatted. What is the best program to partition a Hard drive in XP and can someone give me their opinion on what went wrong. I hope this post is not too confusing. Thanks

Here’s a link to an article about installing/dual booting Vista and XP. I’ve never tried the Acronis partitioning program, I use Gparted. All I know about the install of Vista is that it needs to be on a primary partition, plus I don’t think Vista uses the NTLDR boot up routine. As for your drive letters I haven’t a clue.

Wow! I forgot the link:

Here’s one if you have Vista installed first:

Thanks for the tips and links.