Partition Trouble



All my HDDS i have partitioned have been with Powerquests Partition Magic.
I have recently run tests on all of these drives.
Full Diagnostic Test - All ran 100% the whole way.
Partition Tests would either not even start! or go half way and fail.

My worry is in case i have files on the drive that have been corrupted but i don’t realise they are.
I have really important DivX files.
They’re important because i like em al ot and they’re very rare.
I know you may tell me to back up but they might already be corrupted.
I can not be bothered to check every single one by watching them lol.

What i was wondering is, is there a bit of software that tells me if there is any corruption and what files are corrupted?
Also i was wondering if the acronis partition prog is any good?

Thanks very much.
Hope i gave enough info.



there is a program called bad blocks that will check your drive for bad blocks of memory you can also get more indept scans than scandisk to examin your disc for corruption and irregularities. just hit google to find bad blocks and other programs or


Ru sure its called bad blocks cos ive googled it, went n searched 4 ut off d/ and get no results.
Looked on emule, dc++, FTP… Nothing!!


thanks 4 the help btw