Partition Table screwed up


I am having problem with partition magic as I tried to created the partitions on my bigger hard drive which is 160gb. I has 83gb worth of data that are stored on the drive and I tried to create a partition with 66gb that was left but I do not know what has happened, I just tried to created a partition using on windows. My computer cannot be able to read the hard drive as the boot can read it but windows can’t be able to find it. The hard drive is working fine with no problem at all but windows won’t read it. Normally it should be able to read the NTFS drive but now is the PqRP drive.

This is the screenshot…

Please can you be able to help me how I could to resolve it to go back to normal without losing my important files.

Please help!

Hi :slight_smile:
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Unfortunately you may have already lost your data.
"PqRP Partitions

If your computer fails during a PartitionMagic operation, you may see a partition that displays as PqRP or PQFLEX in the partition list in the main screen. PartitionMagic flags a partition with a PqRP file system and a PQFLEX label, so you know that the partition has been modified. You should assume that a PqRP partition is not stable. Contact PowerQuest technical support for help in recovering data from a PqRP partition."
The reference to Powerquest should now be Symantec.
If you have access to their support then give them a try. If not you’ll probably have to reformat the whole drive.

Hi zebadee.

Thanks for welcome me to this forum, how could I get my data back when the PM moved them into the new partition before it collapsed???


Hi :slight_smile:
Looking at your screenshots I’d say you’ve already lost the data.
See the black circles (in my attached) these amounts would normally be different. I know the data’s technically still there, but how to access it I’ve no idea. I guess you could try CHDSK in safe mode. But as the whole drive appears corrupt & have my doubts.