Partition question

I want to put another partition on my c drive. first it is possible to put multiple partitions on the same drive? secondly, If I use partition magic will it totally erase the c drive? how does that work with the erasing? thank you very much

Partition magic will do this for you. A lot depends on your system, format type, etc. (FAT vs NTFS)
You want to maintain a minimum of 25% free space on all partitions, other than that you can do as you please. While it’s true that you should not lose any data, a wise person once said: backup, backup, backup. Any time you are messing with partitions, the possibility exists that you can lose everything.
Partition Magic is a terrific tool, and is as stable as they come when run from DOS. but treat it with respect and RTFM. :wink:

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but treat it with respect and RTFM. :wink:

Amen! It always sucks to lose 38GB of your stuff…thank God my 56K days are behind me now :slight_smile:

Even worse 60gb of stuff, it happened to me several times until I yanked that bitch of a drive out

If you are careful you’ll have no problem with partition magic.

Before you try creating a new partition it would be wise to backup of course and to defrag your hard disk.

PartitionMagic will create the new partition out of your current free space.

PM will format the new partitions depending on what you need them for :

Linux -> ext2 or ext3
Windows 98,ME -> FAT32
Windows 2000,XP -> NTFS

its been my experience that when you are changing partition sizes/adding partitions, its easier/faster to backup what you need, and wipe the drive clean.

as rdgrimes said, though, RTFM - as partition magic can be very imposing.