Partition on External Lacie 500Gb

I have a fresh lacie 500gb wich i want to split into 2 partitions of 250gb so i could use it with a LG298h dvd drive. I tried with norton partition but i cant create a partition. Is it possible with other programs to do it?

Right click on my computer -> Select Manage.

Find Disk management. (towards the bottom).
Right click on your new 4XXGB of unpartitionned space & select “new partitiion”.
If it asks you whether you want dynamic or basic disk, just select basic disk.
You need to select NTFS file system & a full format (for the first time you format a new HDD) - a full format will take a long time.

Right Click on the remaining unpartitioned space and select “new partition”.
NTFS & full format again.

OK :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :wink:

the problem is that i want to have a fat32 partition…oh and i have vista…thanx again

I do not know if Vista supports Fat32 partitions. But if you want to do any video work I would strongly suggest to format to NTFS since fat32 is limited to 4GB file size for download.