Partition Magic 7

Never had trouble in past with Partition Magic 7 on Disk 1 using Windows 98.
But have fitted 2nd hard drive using Windows XP and NTFS.
Put Partition Magic 7 on this new drive and when I ask it to partition the new drive it says everything is okay and when I press to go it reboots and then finishes up as before with only the one original partition on a 20gig drive. Any ideas.

you use the wizard???

Have used Partition Magic for about 5 years with no problem and it is working fine on this machine but my other machine which as 2 drives is fine on disk1 with Windows 98p but not on other Disk2 using XP.
To confuse matters further the machine i am using now with one disk is on XP.Yes I use wizard.

hmm…strange…never have problems with it

must think about this one

NTFS cannot be seen in windows so if your prog is installed on your win98 partition it wont see your xp ntfs partition and so wont be able to back it up.You could install it on xp the back up both drives as you can see ntfs & fat32 or fat16 in xp

The copy of Partition Magic 7 is on an NTFS partition on Disk 2.
It starts up when you ask it to partition disk 2 then reboots and shut down without doing anything.

I am sure it is something to do with the screen that comes up befor you start up the machine when it asks what disk do you want to start on.

The copy of Partition Magic 7 is on an NTFS partition on Disk 2.

Try installing P.M. on the first drive, or run it from floppy. I think you cannot run it on the same partition you are trying to change.

Disk 2 cannot be seen by disk one because it is in Xp and NTFS so must be run from disk 2.

I will try running from floppy but i think it would not work doing that but will try again as i am going dizzy.

It will work just fine from floppy on any file system.