Partition Magic 5.01

Where can I get the mentioned program? I need it for W2k.


the links work, and this page is actually part of im@gine warez (

hmm, alright, then just goto the main page - and click the appz button…it still works, i just tried it.

not authorized to view this page is what i get

You have to vote first, then all goes right.

you don’t even have to vote first. just use a downloader program such as getright or gozilla to download it and it works fine.


Does anyone know the password for the last (r07) file, because it is encrypted!!!

I found it!

Use sn: PP500ENSLCD-11111111 (this was the key 4 5.0, so maybe if it doesn’t work, make it PP501ENSLCD-11111111 or check astalavista!)