Partition is a problem?

I have only one HD but with 2 partition… is there any problem? Is there any recomendation? I need to put the files in a single or specific partition to burn better or it doesnt matter?

Thanks :slight_smile:

It doesn’t matter. Since it is the same hard drive, you’re retrieving the information off of the same drive. If you wanted to consolidate the space into one drive, I would recommend using partition magic (you might have to pay for it, but then again, maybe not ;| . Your computer is not going to burn differently in regard to which partition you are burning from as long as it is on the same drive.

leave the 2 partition alone. you can put your important data on the second partition just in case you need to format your C drive. But if your hard drive died, you can’t save your data on your second partition.


I would direct the file to the partition with the LEAST amount of data on it and make sure that you have 10gb or more unallocated space in that partition-

Also - defragment the hard drives often-