Partition A Hard Drive

Hey all!

Can you partitiion on 150 Gb VelociRaptor Hard Drive, 50Gb of Vista Ultimate 64 and 50Gb of Windows XP 32 Bit with no problems? Thanks all to who reply! -j-


Yep, it’s called a “dual boot”.
I’ve done it with XP on the hard drive first and then installed Vista.
On boot up, the machine goes to Vista unless you select XP.

You can use the Windows install discs to do everything, but I prefer to set up the hard drive before the OS sees it.
To setup beforehand, you need a [B]bootable[/B] diskette or CD with a partitioning utility on it :
You probably have this if you purchased the retail version.
Choose the DOS bootable
or my favorite, GParted…
Use IMGburn or BurnCDCC to create the bootable disc

Thanks for the info, I was told by someone else if your starting with a fresh hard drive you have to start with Vista. I guess thats not true! I was worried that you couldn’t do 32 bit(XP) and 64 bit(Vista) dual boot.

See here;
Especially link in post '# 8
The specific section for you’