Partition a hard drive

I don’t think the Windows Partition stuff is competitive.

What many people want is the ability to preserve their data while repartitioning, and also the ability to partition and format as FAT32 & NTFS and maybe convert from one to the other.

Give me third party utilities ANY DAY over the Microsoft stuff. If you don’t want to fork out the dough, yeah, the Windows boot disk version may be ok. But I’d still recommend a third party solution, such as Paragon.

catch 22:

better have all your data backed up first, and if you do, then you don’t really need third party software

it’s hard enough to get windows and your hardware to communicate properly, using third party translation software just adds another variable to the equation

I would rather put the 50$ towards another hard drive than partition software

Maybe you could try EASEUS Partition Manager. It’s great and also cheap.