Partions not visable in top window tree



I installed NeroLINUX in MEPIS 2004.06 without any problems useing KPackage, but when I look for data on my other (fat32) partions, I can’t see them in the file system tree. I am looking for hda6 for instance and I know that data is there because I put it there from MEPIS. K3B doesen’t see hda6 either, but drag and drop works fine in both apps.

Anyone have an explanation for the above please?

Nice app by the way :slight_smile:


If I understand the problem correctly…

You can’t just look for hda6 - you have to mount it. From a terminal, type man mount to see the details.


Thanks for the reply.

I didn’t explain the problem correctly…sorry!

The hda6 partition is mounted as Konqueror is seeing it at the same time. NeroLinux can also see the hda6 partition but when I open it from there it is empty. Nothing shows in the right hand pane.

As I said it’s not a big thing as I can drag and drop files from Konqueror into NeroLinux. Just wanted to know why it’s not possable to do that in NeroLINUX or K3B?


Could you paste the fstab line for hda6 and test if the problem also happend with root user?


Just for the record, I can see my NTFS and FAT32 partitions with NeroLinux. I’m running a highly customized Novell Linux Desktop (SUSE). It does appear the NeroLinux can see and burn them, so it must be something with your setup.

Sorry I can’t be more help. Maybe if we see your fstab we can be more help.