Partially Protect Own CD / DVD

Hi All,

(It seems what I want to do is opposite of what you are doing here, kindly remove this thread if this does not related to the forum.)

I would like to publish a series of application with little protection.
Each application (i.e. an Exe file) with some data files would be disturbed to users in CD or DVD (depend on the total file size of each application).
The exe file should be copy protected while the data files are free to copy and use.
Users cannot copy the application to their computer or burn another copy of the CD or DVD.
In other words, the application should only work on the original CD or DVD that produced by us.

I don’t need a VERY high level of protection.
Just simply not allow user to or the application would not work when

  1. copy the exe file on CD or DVD to other computer
  2. burn a copy of CD or DVD by normal process or burning software

Hope I make myself clear.

Are there any software could help me?

(I’m trying on SoftLock and seem they support CDR only)