Partial Joy, Liteon 5005

I purchased one of these units today after reading a lot of reviews, tips etc. I got one mfg’d in Oct with a serial starting with 0102, and firmware 090.

I was able to burn two dvd’s, one to DVD-R and one to DVD+R. They worked fine, however would not play in either an AIWA or Zenith machine. (Disks are Memorex, all the store had). Is it bad media? (I finalized both copies)

Those were copied from a bad VHS tape (old). Until I changed the cabling from RCA to coaxial, I would get the protected copy error. (Found that tip in a message somewhere in my surfing).

A bit of confusion on my part regarding the macrovision, multi region hacks, are those valid with the newer models?/firmware?

I downloaded the newest firmware, LNFA1091.ESU.0102.184x.rar Using WinRar, was able to get one file from that, LNFA1091.ESU.

Now I’m stuck on that part. Is the ESU file the one to image via Nero? The Liteon site speaks of a D000 file? I cannot even get Nero to work, it keeps wanting to burn the image to a file on the hard drive xxxx.nrg Cannot seem to get it to burn to my CD writer.

If anyone can point me to a page with all these mentioned, or has answers, I’d appreciate it!


I found an older version of NERO which recognized my cd-writer. Did the image of the ESU file and the 5005 took it ok.

Not sure what it fixed (the 3 hour record was not apparently part of the upgrade).