Partial DVD Copy

I’m a total Newbie and need a little direction. I oversee the old football films (16 mm) for a university. At the end of each year a Hi-Lite film of the season was put together. Two different companies did these films and they have each now sent me a DVD that contains the 5 or 6 seasons that they did. Each hi-lite was about 15 minutes in length.
I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 with a CD/DVD writer drive. So my question is: when a player calls and asks for a copy of the hi-lite film from the season he played in, I only will need to copy 1 or maybe 2 tiltles from the DVD that has the 5 or 6 titles. It seems that the software that was bundled with my laptop only gives me the option to copy a whole DVD.
Can you recommend which basic software will be best for doing just the partial copying that I need and can this be done with my DVD burner in my laptop or should I purchase an external DVD burner?
Thanks for any feedback!

Start Here:
and do a bit of reading. There are a few ways you can do this, but it involves a little bit of knowledge. There is a video forum here at the CDFreaks, and you could try to find a guide here, or at or at or maybe at You should be able to use your laptop, as long as it is a dvd burner, alot of laptops have a cd burner / dvd player. Good Luck.