Part of HD Unreadable, still formatable?

Hey Guys and Gals,

So I am brand new to these forums and I tried to find something similar in the forums posting, but I’m not sure. Additionally, this is a hardware problem that I’m hoping can be fixed with software, so I still think it should be posted here in hardware, anyway, to the beast of the problem.

Okay, so my little brother and I were taking out the HD on my Armada E500 laptop yesterday while searching for where I could switch the RAM. Didn’t find anywhere to switch the RAM, and when we put back in the HD, Win2000 loaded, but then it couldn’t load the profile and alot of the programs wouldn’t load. So right away knew something was up with the HD.

I had just done an install, so I was like whatever I’ll just reinstall it, not a big deal. While trying to reinstall on the 11 GB HD, it got to 12% of formatting and then stops, you can hear the HD trying to read, but it just continues to click, no luck getting by on both NTFS or FAT. Kinda upset, but again I was like whatever, I’ll figure something out.

What I figured out was that instead of trying to format the whole 11 GB (since it would get stuck) I could create a partition of 1300 MB and then install Win2000 on that. Sure enough, that worked just fine, and now I’m back in Windows and it’s working.

However, obviously most of that space is gone, and I’d like to have some additional space for storage or programs to download and run. Yes, I could just do it all from a USB flash (which if i have to I will), however I’m wondering if there is a program that once already in Win2000 I can run that would allow me to format say the last half of my harddrive and get another 5 GB partition out of it. Any suggestions?

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at first, have a look at the HDD to find out its manufacturer.
Then visits its website and get their disc diagnostic tool. Have your HDD check and wipe with that utility.
If the tool reports the HDD as bad, consider replacing it.