Part II: Renaming a MP3 using freedb?



I’m not sure if this is possible but is there any program that can rename your mp3’s using the freedb or CBBD?

The reason I need to do this is because I accidently ripped 5 of my cds with EAC and there tags have “01. Unknown Title - Unknown Artist - Track01”. I renamed them all by right clicking them and putting in the correct information for each one. The problem is that when I put them in media player it says "01. Unknown Title - Unknown Artist - Track01 " again…
I’m trying to mess around with RenameIt! and TagMaster but I don’t know that they can do what I’m needing.

Thanks again. :bow:


This should be sufficient. Ive used it on several occasions before. Besides, you can always use winamp to remove the tags too…