Parrot CD-RW Audio Which HiFi standalone devices can this RW be burned on?

Which HiFi standalone devices can this RW be burned on?
Parrot Audio CD-RW 80 (see photo)
from: Gigastore
ATIP: 97m28s15f
Usage: Audio

Who can provide information:
on which HiFi audio devices does this blank work?

What experiences (burning/reading) have you had with the blank?

Regards and thanks in advance.

This type of blank is designed for use in consumer-market standalone audio CD recorders which hit the market about 15 years ago. Example: Philips CDR770. I am not aware of any such equipment being produced in a long, long time.

The difference from a “computer” blank is a flag (called the Disc Application Code) in the pregroove (the spiral groove which is stamped into the CD-R plastic at time of manufacturer) which identifies it as properly licensed for use in such equipment.

The distinction between “audio” and “computer” was designed to force owners of standalone audio CD recorders to pay more for the blanks, with the difference supposedly designed to compensate for lost royalties.

A computer CD burner does not care at all about this, and will use either “data” or “music” discs for whatever application you choose.

Standalone audio CD recorders designed for professional use (e.g. TASCAM, Marantz, HHb) also do not care, and will use any blanks you throw at them.

Hi schuster.
Have you ever burned the blank Parrot on to HiFi devices?
If so, on which specific standalone HiFi devices?

I am interested in specific burner experiences!
Which audio HiFi standalone devices
(Philips / Pioneer / Tascam / etc.) Can burn this Parrot Audio CD-RW blank?

And what is the quality after the fire?
(Sound etc.)

I have never seen this brand sold in my country, and have no experience in using it. Based on the spec, it should work in any consumer or professional standlaone audio CD recorder (Philips, Marantz, Pioneer, TEAC, Tascam, HHb, LiteOn, etc).

“Audio use” recordable media, and consumer standalone audio CD recorders, are things of the past which are only of historical interest to most.

Just curious, what is your purpose for seeking such specific information about products that are no longer in circulation?

Audio CD-RW blanks are very popular in Europe.
I have received a batch of 20 pieces of this Parrot series.
New and sealed.
Unfortunately, I cannot use it.
This Parrot CD-RW is not recognized on the Phillips CDR 765 audio recoder.

Aha, thanks for clarifying. Others, it seems, have felt the same pain:

“3. CDRW’s designed for this unit NEVER played on any of my other systems. They did play fine on both decks of the recorder but nowhere else. I used TDK & Maxell CDRW’s. When nearing the end of it’s fertile-lifespan, the system could no longer read cdrw’s. It could occasionally record onto them, but even after being finalized, only the recording deck of the unit could read/play the disc. 4. The unit was always very fussy & many cdrs designated “audio-only” weren’t compatible with it. It would burn on some generic audio-only media, so that’s mainly what I used for the first 1500 burns. Later on, I discovered that Fujifilm, TDK & Maxell(Japan) were the brands that worked most with the most consistency. Sony, Memorex as well as Maxell(Taiwan) were very inconsistant & the unit rejected them most of the time.”


Thank you very much
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