Paris safe?

Planning to visit next month, but we were very wary after seeing the news reports about the student protests. Is it alright to visit in May?

Bah there’s hardly any riots this time around, and in may it’s probably safe cause by then they’ve either changed the law or beheaded the prime minister. :smiley:

Looking into my crystal ball - oh sorry I can’t see into the future.

Even with the protests going on you’ll probably be able to avoid any trouble as the police will be blocking access to those areas.

I wouldnt worry about it… the french are usually ok, but there are many pickpockets and theives about, as you can expect in any city. Just make sure you look after all your belongings… and dont ask anyone to take your picture (my friend learnt his lesson the hard way)

I’d still go…hopefully it’ll be fine.

My mum went to Tunisia/Egypt around the time of 9/11, and although they needed armed guard to go to certain places, she was fine (slightly OT here). :slight_smile:

You are worrying about nothing unless you want to join the protesters, just relax and have a great time. :slight_smile:

Last time I visited Paris, a guy wanted to steal my wallet while I was getting out of the subway. Luckily my girlfriend warned me in time. He might have been fast, but not nearly fast enough to expect my fist. I seriously doubt he’s still able to continue his “job” after that punch (1m85, 90 kg with 10 years of kickbox meets 1m60 of somewhat 55 kg). Quite spectacular view though :stuck_out_tongue:

So apart from the usual thieves, Paris is a nice city :slight_smile:

Paris Hilton?!.. Nah, I would certainly wear a condom! :wink:

don’t worry!!! the worst you can get is being stuck here because of an airport stike :stuck_out_tongue:
But … hey… that’s part of the French life so just come here (with a heavy wallet please) and have fun!!!

Believe you me… that’s one thing we’ve planned :wink:
Thanks for the heads-up, everyone.

And bring a second pair of shoes … and a stick … and take your shoes off before you go inside … just in case.

Only crazy australians with shoes filled with rattlesnakes and scorpions and bugs and cute cuddly bears wear shoes inside.

France is never safe. NEVER!!!

Dude! Oz doesn’t have rattle snakes. Our snakes don’t warn you before they kill you :stuck_out_tongue:

loooooooool :bigsmile: That is very comforting :smiley: You have little spiders that can also kill. :eek:

Yes, but it all works out well, because the deadly spiders keep the venomous snake population at bay, and playful cats keep the deadly spider population down.

Yes, cats are unaffected by the most venomous spiders

Yet another reason why cats are better than dogs :stuck_out_tongue:

The only problem with Paris is that it´s full of Parisians!

Now that’s not nice …

And I am referring to the insult to Parissians, rather than the fact that Paris is full of french people.

Woa! I mean, the Parisians are mad! Wonderfully mad. Take the time to sit in a cafe, preferably outside on the pavement to drink your (very expensive) coffee, and watch them go by. Crazier than Cockatoos on goanna juice!

I’d prefer the term “Galah’s on Quokka Juice”.

Galahs are pink cockatoos with grey wings, and you can usually find them hanging upside down on telegraph wires … while cockatoos sensibly sit in trees chatting & otherwise acting dignified.

Quokkas are cute little mice which are a very very endangered species … and kept that way by blood thirsty Galahs.