Parental Control Setting?!

Hey all. Okay, I’ve managed to copy a couple of movies successfully, but every now and then when I try to copy the data off the cd, the preview pane in CDVD2 shows something like ‘This movie cannot be played due to parental control settings’ or something. Sometimes even saying the region code is not right, even though I’m sure it is.

Has anyone else run into this problem, and how did you solve it?

I see it in a lot of movies. Just ignore it. It’s there so if you do set parental controls on your dvd for your kids, that’s the screen they will get.

Ok, If you say ignore it, how do you explain after copying DVD movie it will not play on my Denon DVD player or on my Sony Tower Viao, but will play on my Vaio laptop?

I’ve emailed DVDClone 3 days ago, but still no response.

Any suggestions?

John R.

Your problem seems to be completely unrelated to the parental settings problem of the initial post. I believe it is a media problem.
What program did you use (CloneDVD? What version?) and whom did you write?

I have the very latest CloneDVD Ver. and wrote support.

John R.

@ JohnRodzos,

Usually when a back up copy of a Commercial DVD Movie title will play in one DVD playback device and fail to play in another playback DVD deceive indicates that this it is caused by the use of poor quality blank DVD media.

You fail to provide exactly what software programs and version numbers were used to record the back up copy of the Commercial DVD Movie title. Forum Member Tru requested that you provide the Name and Version of software you used and exactly who you wrote requesting technical assistance concerning your problem. You have not provided that information. Your response was “the very latest CloneDVD Ver. and wrote support”. Who’s support department did your write Sly Soft or Elaborate Bytes? You Stated the “very lasted CloneDVD version” of what Clone DVD product and exactly what version number. There are two companies who manufacture a program named “CloneDVD” who manufactured the CloneDVD program that you used and what was the version number of the software. Also you fail to state the Name and Version Number of the copy protection removal software program you used the make the back up copy of the Commercial DVD Movie title.

What DVD Burner Manufacture Name, Model Number, and firmware version was used to record the suspect back up copy? Also what was the MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) of the blank DVD media that was used to record the suspect back up copy. Suggest using either DVD Identifier (, DVDInfo ( or similar software program to obtain this information.

If you anticipate any meaningful assistance you will need to provide the information requested.

You posted your question in a Forum posting topic titled “Parental Control Setting?!” You fail to explain what “Parental Control Setting?!’ problem is related to your problem.

Best Regards,