Pardon my ignorance

I would like to first apologize for my ignorance in this matter but I really hope someone here can help me, I was told this was a great place to get help.

I recently purchased a Lite On DVD burner (4X ±R and ±RW — model LDW 451S. I installed the program that comes with it and for copying DVDs it works great, never had a problem yet. However when I try to make a DVD of videos that I already have installed on my computer (either .mpeg or .avi) it locks up on the screen and then it eventually gets me a (Not Responding) on the top of the window.

Here is my system specs:

Homebuilt AMD XP2000+ Processor
768mb PC2100 Unbuffered RAM
80gb Western Digital Hard Drive (37.3gb space free)
Lite On DVD burner (4X ±R and ±RW — model LDW 451S
Panasonic 10X DVD Rom (non writable)
Windows XP Pro

I would appreciate any help that anyone can do for me. I would like to make some DVDs to watch. Just as a note, when I do copying from one DVD to another, it works great, it is just when I want to create my very own it has the problem. If there is more information required please let me know and I will provide it for you.

what program did it install.

Originally posted by LordOberon
what program did it install.

Right before I went online again, I noticed I didn’t post that bit of information. So here is the information…it came with a program called MyDVD, which I believe is really a basic program.

Sorry I didn’t post that information.

this forum contains many guides to convert misc video files into dvd-compliant video files. try taking a look there first.

Well, I just found a DVD Authoring program off the web that does exactly what I want it to do. It is a demo version (so I know I do have to pay the full fee after 30 days) of “Personal Producer”.

Thanks all for the help!