Pardon my ignorance

but what happens when you check or uncheck the “Verbose” box in “Settings”?

Thanks for the info.

There are a number of “settings”. Where is the one you are interested in (Are we talking about AnyDVD?).

i need the older version of anydvd the new one wont work right i have all these problems help not the but the othere version

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thank you thank you thankyou

No problem I thank Ireland for the link as well.

Good job DR. Who, that is what the forum is all about HELPING PEOPLE. I think some of us here have forgotton that. It is nice to see a thread where someone has a problem and someone else helps them solve it.:clap: :clap:

so i went to the page to download it there is a bunch on the right hand side clicked on one thoguth a download would start adn nothing what up with that

tells me i can download the latest version on ther but i dont want that i would liek a older version

i see you must chose the one then click download at the top i thoguth they ment the lastest on that is where the arrow is i am sorry and thank you so much

Yes, in AnyDVD, in the “Program Settings” tab there are a number of option boxes to select or deselect. They are, from top to bottom:

Enable AnyDVD
Safe Mode
Hide Icon
Check Update
Enable Log

My question is about the last one—what is it and what happenes when you select/deselect it?


Must be a version that we all don’t have because I didn’t see that option in mine here’s the screen shot of the settings.

OK well I was going to upload the image but imageshack is a pain in the arse today. anyhow the options within anydvd are :

Enable AnyDVD
Safe Mode
Hide Icon
Check Update
Enable Logging
Show information window for new media

Oh. I guess it’s nothing critical, then. I have …

Thanks again.

I have and it’s not on there. Never seen that before either.