Paraworld - Tages


Is there allready a way to make a 1:1 copy of that game ?



actualy , it’s impossible …

Why is it impossible?

coz it senselessly
we have already emulated iso release and crack release :smiley:

The tages protection system uses a number of mirrored tracks per cd (sectors numbered the same) this makes a sort of sub disk on the cd a cd copier generally reads sequential sector numbers and not physical position on the disk, so the mirrored stuff is missed out because it thinks its already done those. The protection is embedded in a number of files in the game so they access the mirrored sectors that have the true data on them. this way a copied version may not work correctly or fail after a number of minutes or levels as that is what they put in the actual data block.

Definately a nice idea to protect stuff, however it is against this forums rules to ask for cracks and such like, so I wouldnt ask for cracks. Hope the info helps.