Paramount to distribute movies on USB sticks



I just posted the article Paramount to distribute movies on USB sticks.

Movie studio Paramount Pictures and tech company Kingston announced a partnership in which Paramount will offer select full-length movies on Kingston flash drives.

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Kind of silly it won’t be in HD. You can compress a feature with h.264 in HD and fit onto a 4GB flash drive with better results than using SD. I do it all the time! LOL


This is just another version of “digital copy”. Low quality crap meant for PCs and portable devices.


Who wants to watch a movie on their PC in SD when you can buy a BD and watch it in Hidef on your TV…??


Actually, DVD quality video and audio can be had with a 1.5-2.0 gb AVI, DivX or Xvid file. I wonder if this has the full menu functions of a DVD. The price is way too high for it to be successful, IMO.