Paramount Blu-ray rumors

There is suppose to be a Transformers: Extended Edition planned for summer of 2009, sometime around the release of the second Transformers movie.

Also to watch for is The Original Series-Based Star Trek feature films

[li]Star Trek[/li][li]Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan[/li][li]Star Trek III: The Search for Spock[/li][li]Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home[/li][li]Star Trek V: The Final Frontier[/li][li]Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country[/li][/ul]

The next generations will come later.

Expectations of arrival are to be timed around Star Trek - Reboot coming in May of 2009. The first theatrical trailer of the new Star Trek Movie is set to debut this week and also attached to the movie Quantum of Solace which opens up this Friday.

Also rumored:

[li]Chinatown[/li][li]Deep Impact[/li][li]The Ten Commandments[/li][li]Sunset Boulevard[/li][li]Apocalypse Now[/li][li]Breakfast at Tiffany’s[/li][li]Saturday Night Fever[/li][li]Flashdance[/li][li]The Elephant Man[/li][li]Titanic[/li][/ul]

Thanks to Bill Hunt of Digital Bits for the heads up on this one.