Paramount: $10 rebate for upgrading your DVD to Blu-ray



I just posted the article Paramount: $10 rebate for upgrading your DVD to Blu-ray.

Paramount Home Entertainment will soon be offering consumers a $10 rebate on select Blu-ray titles when they upgrade from their previously owned DVD version of the same film. The mail in offer will…

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I don’t guess it occurred to them to just lower the price?


That would just make way to much sense…


Transformers Blu-ray will be out September 2, 2008 and can be preorder at amazon for $24.95. With $10 rebate… hmm.

CDan, I agree why don’t they just lower the price to match DVD price? Oh wait, Paramount’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull will be MSRP 39.99 for both DVD and Blu-ray. Yap, same price!


It’s because they don’t control the price at the store. They can only suggest a retail price (which is usually an obsurd amount) and the retailer takes it from there. They can’t ask all retailers (you know there are a lot of mom and pop shops) to lower there price by $10 and expect them all to comply so this is a lot easier.


Putting the cart before the horse. Why don’t they give a 100 or 200 dollar rebate or such to trade in your standard tube TV first. BluRay means nothing without a TV to play and do the same for DVD Players as well?


The thing about mail-in rebates versus just lowering the cost is that manufacturers always know that not every rebate will be mailed in, hence limiting their losses.
While, if they lower the up-front cost on every disk, they are guaranteed to lose money on every disk.


@Dr. Who: Paramount doesn’t make TV’s or players, so your point and question is irrelevant. This isn’t a BDA promotion, it’s a Paramount promotion - one company.


Well, this will be yet another Blu-ray flop. Not to mention, this is bad for the environment mailing all this stuff around for 10 bucks. In addition, All the discs will go to a landfill somewhere.

It’s really just a way to trick folks into buying a disc they already have. they know most will never get a rebate.

I never buy anything that involves a rebate. They suck.


Paramount would do better if they offered credit towards a new HDTV that can view those brand spanking duds on Beta-ray.


So you have to chop up your discs label to get $10. Great.

Crabbyappleton: Sony are currently offering a £50 cashback deal on some of their HD camcorders in the UK. That does not suck.


You all make me laugh, sounds like many want it all for free. Or pay no premium for gettting a premium product.

This is a great idea and should have been offered when DVDs were taking off. How many freaking versions of Star Wars should I pay full price for ? :slight_smile:

Of course they’re not going to just knock off 10 bucks for everyone at the store, this deal if for people who bough the previous DVD version ! And most BR movies are already at 24.99 at the stores now, not much more than DVDs where I live.
Duncan, those proof of purchase tabs are there for that reason, to be removed. And who cares, will you ever even look at the DVD case again once you own the BR version ? No…

BTW this same offer should apply to those who bought HD DVDs of these movies…


Paramount offering discounts on HDTV’s?..haha…wake up buddy…Paramount is in the movie making business…they don’t make tv’s. Man some of these bitter folks just don’t get it.


i still watch my 14" black n white portable, the problem you lot have nowadays; is you have too much money to throw about.
and no respect for a color crt t.v.


As a consumer we should all be aware of the way MARKETING works in all companies. Rebates have been considered the greatest idea used by marketing executives for most things that we purchase. The information gathered and interest in the product/ rebate is very important and can decide which to promote or on setting price on future products. Thus the need to understand the consumer and their purchasing behavior. On a relatively new home entertainment product such as blu-ray the studios and their marketing departments are rating consumers interest on whether we wish to re-buy popular movies that are already owned on DVD. This way when a movie such as Raiders of the Lost Ark or Star Wars is ready to hit the market they can predict the amount of units that can be sold and the projected profits. If you don’t like rebates and giving away your information then it is best that you don’t participate. However, it is your money that you are leaving on their table.:slight_smile:


Submitted the rebate for 3 months now and have yet to receive my rebate. Is there anything I can do? Tried to search the web for contact number, but none are available. Help please…