Parameter incorrect



what does this message means? i’am using dvd shrink. i used dvd decrypter to ripp it and it did, but the file is too big. but, shrink says the parameter is incorrect. what gives?



The ripped files are structured in a format that Shrink can not work with. I would suggest ripping the files again to HDD using AnyDVD’s ripper.


midnight mike here. i used dvd encrypter to do it. it ripped it, but it said that the file would not fit. and it asked me if i wanted to contine?



DVD Decrypter hasn’t been updated in a while and as such can’t handle some of the newer protection schemes. Additionally, Shrink hasn’t been updated either. Sometimes Decrypter can rip files of newer discs, but in the process ‘violates’ the file structure into something that Shrink can’t work with. While both tools were very good in their day, they both are showing their age. I stand by the initial recommendation of trying to rip the files to HDD using AnyDVD rip to disk feature. The product has a free 21-day trial and is very popular with the users in this community.


is there any totaly free software that will work? the shrink and the decrypter was free. just asking!

thanks again


I’ve read other posters mention tools, tho the names are escaping me. I want to say DVDFab, but don’t take that to the bank. AnyDVD is the best tool, IMO… I won’t give you the sales pitch, the software speaks for itself. Check some of the other forums, read some posts and see if the other tools will work for you.

Oh, and Welcome to the forum…