Parallelly working x someone experienced




someone experienced of systems of writing, knows me to say if it is possible, and what hardware serves for writing two disks different dvd in the same moment.
nec3500 writes a dvd_video, pioneer108 writes a dvd_iso, in the same moment, that is parallelly working.



possible with Nero Burning ROM but must be the same source for both drives as far as i know.


I would like to write source different on both the drives.



I just found that Nero would open twice, I have a sneaking suspicion that using two open instances together may be an instant coaster factory though?

Using two different programs might not be any better - If the writers share an IDE with each other or either source, waiting for bus availabilty could slaughter the throughput.

It would also be asking a lot for a single HD to provide 2x 22Mb/s source rate, while seeking between two different source files or groups - with independent source drives (they could share an IDE without impeding as badly) and independent writer IDE connections, then running two writer instances together MIGHT hold together - but it could still drop in a heap!


some other opinion?