Paper Sleeves - any good?

Do any of you know if paper sleeves are any good as cases? I know that’s what Blockbuster ships their movies in. Any comments on them?

For short-term only, I suppose.

I agree, I’d suggest using paper sleeves for short term use only. I don’t use them anymore but used to, they had a tendency to scratch discs. I’d recommend getting CaseLogic or Fellowes type cd/dvd holders. Discs are lasting a long time in those and I’m very happy with the size of them and how easily cataloging is with them. :slight_smile:

Short term is fine indeed, and if you have a box or case to put them in after they are already in the sleeves they will last longer.

I’m not trying to sound rude but I’m wondering as to what putting them in a box will do differently than just putting them on a shelf?

i just use them for dics be it cds or dvds that i give to friends…that i know have no intentions of returning them…