Paper labels affecting players?




A few days ago I started printing some paper labels and sticking them on some of my DVD-R’s. I then viewed the DVD-R’s i my XBOX 360, each for only a few minutes. That’s when I went online and learned, through this forum :clap:, that these labels are evil. My DVD-R’s still play fine, but that’s not the problem. My XBOX 360 now only plays DVD-R’s, and fails to read video game discs and regular, store bought DVD’s.

Can paper labels affect a DVD player? Have paper labels ruined my xbox?:sad:


Sorry about your issue.

Yes, sticky paper labels on DVDRs often brings severe reading issues, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some models will even affect the reading drive, probably from paper dust on the laser lens and/or in the mechanics.

Read this: Sticky paper labels on DVD+/-R discs: beware


Thanks. I’ll send in my xbox for repair and wont mess around with labels anymore.

A Sharpie works just as well for me.


You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Before sending your XboX to repair, try simply using a cleaning disc! :wink:
With some luck, it will be all it takes to get the reader back to normal. :cool: