Pan's Labyrinth

I just purchased a copy of Pan’s Labyrinth, and attempted to back up a copy for myself as I do with every movie I buy, I get no audio on the back up, using DVDFAB Gold beta any one having similar problems, I have been using DVDFAB since it first came out ???

How are you trying to play back the backup? The reason that I’m asking is because maybe the player defaults to english audio track and therefore doesn’t because one doesn’t exist. Try changing the audio track on the player and see if that helps.

After ripping to hard drive I will check the rip using Power DVD 5 NE

Have you tried changing the audio track?

I changed the track rack04 thanks it seems to work ok now, thanks again.

To be clear on what rack04 posted: you realize this is not and english speaking movie, correct? There is not English audio track.


sorry for the delay, it has been one hectic really busy day, and yes I realize this movie is done in Spanish with English subtitles, I think I have worked out all the glitches and have everything working well, thanks to all of you people on the forum, many thanks, God bless you all !

I noticed it has a french audio stream … does anyone know if it is intermingled with the spanish dialogue of the movie? Or is there a french vocal dub?

I hope this isn’t of topic but I just had to say that this movie (Pan’s Labyrinth) is excellent. I did it with FabDvd free version, ran it thru DvdShrink, Movie Only and left the Spanish soundtrack with English subtitles to minimize compression.

howdo you change the audio track on the player

Please,if possible, could you post instructions on what you did from backing it up(to your hard disk) to burning it. i tried to back it up again but it didn’t work :a and i just got confused :confused: so it would be much appreciated if you could help me out… thank you very much