Pans Labyrinth UGHHHHH

ok this movie is giving me nothing but problems, i am trying to copy only the movie without the extras, i have tried 4 or 5 times changing the selections it is like trying to open a combination lock, 1st i recorded the director’s comments, the next time i didn’t get any audio at all, but there was music at the beginning, i can’t seem to burn this movie with out all the extras, my choices are 4 audio streams- Spanish DTS/6, Spanish Dolby AC 3/6, Spanish Dolby AC 3/2, English Dolby AC 3/2 Directors Comments. Then stream preferences Audio Languages English, Spanish, Audio Properties directors comments, Audio Channels 2 or 6, Audio encoding Dolby AC 3, DTS (i don’t know what dts is ), subtitles English and Spanish, upon opening Clone DVD2 spanish dolby 3/2 is checked, no subtitles are checked, no audio languages are check, audio properties are not checked, audio channels 2 channels are checked, aqudio encoding dolby AC3 and DYS are checked, no subtitles are checked, i thought by selecting spanish dolby ac 3/2, audio language english, 2 channels and dolby ac 3/2 and DTS would work but that aint happening, short of copying the complete disc i can not figure it out please help