Panosonic video to dvd recorder

Hi I have just set up my new panosonic DMR-EZ248V video to dvd recorder.

I put in a dvd to play but the disk plays for a few seconds then the screen goes blank then the dvd plays again then the screen goes blank and continues to do this.

I have looked at the instructions but can’t find anything about this,

The dvd play ok on my Panosonic dvd only player.


You’re not getting any answers in the Newbie forum, so I’m going to move your thread to the DVD recorder forum in hopes you’ll get some informed answers.

Have you experimented with other DVDs? Does the same thing always occur, or is it just this one disc?

Are you connected with an HDMI cable? It could be a bad cable/connection. Are you connecting directly between the DVD recorder/player and the TV, or are you going through an audio receiver? You could try connecting with a different HDMI cable or connect with component cables instead. I had an issue with a Denon DVD player connected via HDMI thru a receiver, and it did the same on/off behavior you describe. I couldn’t seem to get it working properly via HDMI. Rather than fuss with it, I just connected via component cables instead.

Hi thanks for your reply

At the moment the unit has an hdi lead plus also a scart lead.

I have tried a couple of different dvds and they don’t cause any problems when used in my old Panosonic dvd player.

in the mornining I will try a different scart to see if this makes a difference.