Panny woke up today and hates my copies



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great site - hope this bit works for me!!

I’ve had a Panasonic DMR-EZ25 for just over a year; yup guarantee’s finished! I make my own backups of movie dvds (don’t judge me please).

A few days ago the DVD player/recorder just seemed to decide it would no longer play any of my back-ups - none of them, regardless of whether I’d burnt them a year ago or a month ago. Back up discs that played in it last week are now being rejected with “Unsupported Format”. All the original movies continue to play. I use Verbatim for my copies, I have changed nothing - it is the Panny that has changed.

So in summary it seems to have just decided that discs it had no problem playing last week are now unnacceptable - and please bear in mind these are exactly the same discs not new copies of them. The copied discs play fine in my Dad’s dvd player/recorder (also a panasonic) and still play on my PC. I tried restoring the player to factory settings but it is still not playing the copied discs.

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Clean the laser.


OK Cdan - thank you for this speedy reply - surely it can’t be that simple, I will go and try it now and if you’re right we’ll go choose some curtains together!



or blinds as I think you call them in the United States of The USofA!


See this thread:


Greetings from the UK… CDan you’re the man.

It has worked. That was so simple I just wouldn’t have thought of it.

The fact that it played the originals with no problem and said “unsupported format” rather than “Unreadable” just made me think the kids had pressed some button or that panasonic were sending out download signals that put copy protection systems in place.

Thanks very much mate - you can be my friend, I hope your team wins the big thing in whatever it is you support!



Thanks Digado - I’ll read that as well.


Hey Admin

my 7 day problem is sorted after 4 minutes on CDFreaks! Credit to the site and Cdan. You can quote me

Thank you