Panny DVD-F87: where do you read disc titles?

Panasonic DVD-F87 changer (5 discs).
Some may be DVD-Video discs, the rest DVD-Ram discs.
Say I have five of them in the player. Where can I read their titles on one screen so I can choose which one to play? Or do I need to remember in which slot I put each one?

Thank you.

It doesn’t seem that this is possible. Too bad. Another feature I wish this changer had is the ability to program a sequence of individual programs found among the five DVD discs: say Program 2 in disc #3 followed by Program 1 in disc #5 followed by Program 2 in Disc #4 etc. But here again: wishful thinking. I don’t really understand why because it seems that it would have been so easy to include this ability.