Panny DVD-F87: what are the numbers for?

I’m using this changer only for DVD-Ram and DVD-Video discs. Can someone please tell me what the numbers on the remote (aside from 1 to 5 for the discs in the five slots) are for and how I can use them? The user’s manual doesn’t say, it seems.

Many thanks.

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The good majority (if not all) DVD players available have numbers on the remote as this allows the user to quickly jump to a specific chapter or title on a DVD or jump to a track number on an Audio/Video CD, particularly MP3 CDs which can contain over 100 tracks. For example, it is handier to key in ‘100’ to jump to track 100 on a 200-song MP3 CD than to keep pressing the skip button to reach that track. :wink:

While playing a DVD, press the ‘Display’ button, select ‘Chapter’ and it should be possible to key in the chapter using the numeric buttons, such as key in ‘8’ and press ‘Enter’ to select chapter ‘8’.